How to Support a Wind Farm


Showing our opposition to something is often easier than voicing our support but in the case of wind power it's really important that people speak out in favour. Planners and politicians need to know that people want wind developments in their area.

There are loads of ways you can support your local wind farm, either on your own or by teaming up with others in your area.

  • Write a letter! You can get your voice heard by writing to a planning officer, local councillor or local media.
  • Find out about the planning process. Our simple guide explains how it works and how you can intervene.
  • Starting a local group is a great way to mobilise support and increase the effectiveness of local pro-wind campaigning. Click here for tips on how to form a new group.
  • If you are part of an established group, or able to get together a few like-minded individuals for a day, campaigning locally is one of the most effective ways of building a pro-wind campaign.
  • Organising a public meeting is a great way of balancing a public debate when controversy already exists. Click here for guidance.
  • Being able to use the local media is a vital part of campaigning. Our easy to use media guide will show you how.
  • Don't forget to use theYes2Wind message boards and weblog to pick up hints and tips from others campaigning in favour of wind power in their areas, or share your own experiences.