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Norfolk parish council votes for council tax rise to pay for wind farm battle even before residents share their views on the wind farm

Posted 6th March 2013

A parish council has increased its precept by almost 50pc to help pay for costs incurred in opposing a wind farm application.

Hempnall Parish Council voted in favour of a rise of £8,000, or 47.4pc, which will result in its share of the council tax increasing from £23,500 in 2012/13 to £31,500 in the coming financial year.

Hempnall Parish Council chairman Geoff Moulton, said the “majority” of the rise was attributable to wind farm expenses. 

Minutes of previous council meetings show that in the last couple of years Hempnall Parish Council has spent over £20,000 opposing wind farms. In 2012 it spent £4,549 on one bat survey alone and it is now looking to spend another £4,000, despite the fact that comprehensive independent bat surveys were carried out in 2012

Plans were first submitted for a seven-turbine development off Bussey’s Loke by Enertrag UK more than six years ago. The new proposals at the site, known as Streetwood Wind Farm, could provide enough renewable energy for 5,200 homes and boost community coffers by £400,000 over the 25 years of the project, TCI Renewables said.

There is a lot of support growing for the currently proposed Streetwood Wind Farm, a support group ‘Power for the Future’ is growing in its membership day by day. If consented, the wind farm would provide a local community benefit fund of £16,000 per year – providing much needed funds for local initiatives.

It is clear that the parish council is biased in its views on wind farms, despite not knowing the outcome of a n upcoming poll, it has already agreed to write to surrounding parish councils asking them to oppose the wind farm and minutes of February’s parish meeting also listed its proposed reasons for refusal ahead of this poll.

Anyone wishing to lend their support to Power for the Future to support the wind farm can contact them on


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