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No evidence to show that wind farms affect property prices

Posted 2nd January 2014
RenewableUK, the trade body for the wind and marine sectors, has refuted claims from a MP who said that house prices could be heavily affected if there is a wind farm built in the local area.

The organisation told the Daily Telegraph: “The wind industry doesn’t accept that there is any reliable independent academic evidence to suggest that wind farms have any effect on house prices.

“The most recent study was done by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and that study were inconclusive. The Royal Institute now says there is no definitive answer to this question.”

Geoffrey Cox, Conservative MP for West Devon and Torridge, reportedly said that his constituents had been told their homes were worth significantly less due to wind turbines, with some losing up to a third of their previous value.

In contrast to this claim, RenewableUK argued that house prices could actually benefit from having wind turbines in the vicinity as its helping to improve the infrastructure in the area.

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Just an old fashioned con trick

Posted 19th December 2013
Has anybody noticed that whenever a wind protest group is objecting through the press to a proposal more often than not the turbine heights are referred to in outdated imperial measurements?

All planning applications in the UK use metric measurements and have done so for many years now. So when a protest group refers to turbine heights in feet rather than metres it is a deliberate ploy. They have had to convert the metric details within the planning application to the imperial measurements that are used in the material they publish and dstribute.

There's a recent example that can be highlighted in the Bolton News at

The application is for a single 50KW turbine, made by a farmer so he can generate power for his farm and sell any surplus into the National Grid.

Objectors refer to the turbine as 110 feet tall, that'll be about 33 metres in metric then to anyone under the age of 50. Not especially tall for a turbine at all.

Frankly it's a very unsubtle attempt by objectors to try and make the turbine appear taller than it is in an attempt to convince people that the turbine will become an unbearable blot on the landscape.

It's ironic that protesters, who habitually accuse wind turbine developers of sleight of hand, regularly employ this particular underhand ruse.

Make sure you recognise it for what it is.

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Twelve new turbines for Carmarthenshire

Posted 17th December 2013
Plans for 12 new 145m high wind turbines in Wales have been approved by councillors in Carmarthenshire. The new wind farm had been proposed by RWE Npower Renewables at Forestry Commission Wales land in the Brechfa Forest, a designated TAN8 area intended for wind farm development.

Ten members of the local authority's planning committee voted in favour while five voted against.

The council's heritage team had warned it would have significant impact on seven listed buildings in the area.

Objectors said the wind farm development will damage local people's lives and the ecology and tourism of the area.

The report before councillors recommended passing the scheme. It said: "Insufficient evidence has been submitted or exists to prove that the proposal will directly impact and result in significant adverse harm to the economic well being of the local tourism sector. This is not considered a reason that can justify refusal of the proposed development."

The report said the turbines would cause less harm environmentally than others in the planning pipeline while "also contributing a significant amount of renewable energy that would help meet the Welsh government's energy aspirations".

It added: "This assessment has concluded that the proposed development will comply with local and national planning policies in addition to contributing positively to the Welsh and UK government's renewable energy aspirations and targets.

"No significant impacts have been identified that would lead the head of planning to recommend refusing this proposals."

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