Victoria Farm

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Prepared by yes2wind on behalf of our client, Clearwinds.

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Number of Turbines
Power (MW)
Developer Address
Old Orchard
East Harting
Developer Website
Planning Status
Planning Officer
Mr Oliver Marigold
Planning Authority
Planning Department Mendip District Council Cannards Grave Road Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 5BT

ClearWinds are proposing to construct and operate a single wind turbine in the vicinity of land at Victoria Farm, West Horrington, Wells. Wind turbines bring obvious benefits to the environment by helping to meet renewable energy targets and producing cleaner energy for us all. The scheme will help to contribute towards the UK target of 15% of energy from renewables by 2020. Wind is a clean and sustainable energy source and does not create pollution.

ClearWinds is undertaking public consultation in respect of the above development, prior to the preparation and submission of an application to Mendip District Council for planning permission. The consultation process seeks the views of interested parties on the proposals to assist in the preparation of the planning application.

The proposal is for the erection of a single wind turbine with a maximum rated capacity of 2,30MW for a duration of 25 years. The turbine will have a maximum hub height of 60m and a tip height of up to 95m.

The proposed turbine development area is located in a semi-rural area between the towns of Wells and Shepton Mallet to the south and the B3139 Bath Road and B3135 Roemead Road cross-roads to the north.

The settlements of Gurney Slade, Ashwick and Oakhill lie approximately 3km east. Approximately 2km to the west are the settlements of West Horrington and Haydon.

The site is immediately surrounded by agricultural land with occasional scattered trees. A belt of forestry is present approximately 1km south east of the site. There are no Statutory Rural Designations within or immediately adjacent to site.

ClearWinds have chosen the site at Victoria Farm after considering a range of technical, environmental and planning criteria. The most important technical consideration for the selection of a site for wind energy development is the available wind resource.

Other considerations were made in the selection of the site, including electrical connection, availability of land, site access, location of environmental designations, telecommunications, and aviation issues. The site is not located within any areas designated for their environmental sensitivity