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Successful Planning Outcomes

Wind energy projects in the UK need all the help they can get. Although the UK’s Committee on Climate Change believes that 25GW to 30GW must be added to the 4.5GW of wind power that currently exists over the next decade, the industry is subject to one of the most exhaustive planning processes in the world. Faced with protagonists capable of placing costly and time-consuming objections to new proposals at every turn, far too many schemes face protracted delays or are set never to see the light of day.

The knock-on effects are damaging to both the economy and the environment. Wind will struggle to make its full contribution to the UK’s renewable energy targets, the wind manufacturing market and the jobs that rely on it, face an uncertain future and the continued use of fossil fuels is propagated.

yes2wind’s support campaign services successfully promote wind energy projects by bringing together developers and their supporters. We can help to ensure that well thought out wind farm proposals endure both the complexities of the planning process and the protests of objectors to become new and valuable additions to the development of a low carbon economy.

Our track record speaks for itself with 75% of our projects securing the support of the Local Planning Authority.

With the support of yes2windwind proposals can be planned and promoted to the best effect so that they enter the planning system with the best laid foundations and plenty of support – factors that are critical to obtaining planning consent.

Support Campaigning

The key to yes2wind’s success record is our focus on positively campaigning for support.

Objectors to a development certainly make themselves heard. And very often the problem is that a vocal minority creates the impression of mass objection when most people are supportive. As a result a small minority often has a disproportionate influence on planning decisions. And this can cause delay and be very costly not just for the developer but also the local planning authority.

For the democratic process to work well, it is vitally important that politicians at all levels understand the views of the wider community and just those of a vocal minority.

That’s where yes2wind comes in. We use experienced campaigners and tried and tested techniques to promote wind farm projects and to encourage the silent majority to speak up in favour of projects.

Our range of services includes:

  • Supporter mapping (identifying local supporters)
  • Supporter liaison
  • Support group formation
  • Street campaigning

Expressions of Support

The most common way in which local people can express their support for a wind farm proposal is to write a letter to the planning case officer, often copying local ward councillors and/or members of the planning committee. It can also be helpful if supporters write to the letters page of local newspapers to provide a more balanced view to editors and reporters.

Many support groups organise special events to highlight their support for a project and to provide a focus for positive media coverage.

And, of course, supporters can lobby their local councillors and even members of a planning committee in a way that developers cannot.

yes2wind maintains a sophisticated website incorporating a direct facility to promote specific projects to a significant subscriber database. It also includes what we believe to be the most comprehensive UK wind farm locator map, a wealth of resource information, and the innovative ‘Windypedia’ - a constantly evolving encyclopaedic wind energy reference source.

Yes2wind has a significant community of supporters through our Facebook page, with direct Twitter feeds. This includes the Facebook-based ‘Green Champions Awards’ which aims to reward direct engagement in the support of renewable energy projects.

Express Support

yes2wind uses Express Support, an innovative online community and stakeholder consultation and support software package.  The package is the most comprehensive available and is specifically designed to consult with local residents and ensure the true weight of community feeling – for and against a proposal – is understood by everyone involved in making or influencing planning decisions.

Express Support has been successfully used in support of high profile and contentious wind farm projects across Britain achieving high levels of community and stakeholder support.  Three quarters of the projects we have supported have been approved by or received no objection from the local planning authority – in two cases despite an officer recommendation to refuse.

The package supports both wind and biomass projects and has three fully interactive components:

Inform: a website format specifically designed to communicate information about renewable energy projects.  Developers can choose from eight design options and the dynamic format allows information to be added or changed as the project develops and moves through the planning process.

Consult: An online questionnaire designed to encourage two-way communications with community members and stakeholders.  A community notice board allows comments to be posted and questions asked of the developer.  There is also a facility to allow the answers to questions to be posted.  A comprehensive analysis and report generating facility allows rapid and ongoing monitoring of public opinion

Support: An online system which allows community members to quickly and easily generate their own individual, personalised support letters.  Selecting from a wide range of options, local people can produce letters reflecting their individual views and reasons for supporting a development.  The facility to modify and amend ensures that the finished letter is truly individual to the writer.  The system can be used from home via the website, at public exhibitions or out of doors during street campaigning.

yes2wind & Pendragon PR

The yes2wind and Pendragon PR collaboration is proving to be highly successful in securing political support for wind farm projects.   The combination of Pendragon’s comprehensive stakeholder consultation and political lobbying services underpinned by support campaigning by yes2wind activists is the key to shifting political opinion in support of developments.