Mission Statement and Code of Ethics

Mission Statement

yes2wind’s mission is to promote the development of wind and other clean, renewable and efficient energy in order to:

  • Combat climate change
  • Reduce our dependence on polluting fuels
  • Minimise man’s adverse impact on our environment

We champion environmentally responsible renewable energy projects and technologies.

We work to make the voice of supporters heard through alliances with wind and renewable energy support groups, environmental groups and an international network of subscribers.

We counter misinformation by providing accurate, up to date information and news.

We help landowners to identify suitable renewable energy sites and provide support and introductions to promote development.

Code of Ethics

We adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  • We will only champion environmentally responsible renewable energy projects and technologies. We seek and take guidance from recognised environmental agencies and NGOs
  • We believe our most important stakeholder is the environment.  We will donate 25% of our annual profits to environmental causes
  • We encourage and support genuine community projects with preferential terms and support.
  • We favour projects with genuine  ‘good neighbour’ policies
  • Our aim is to be open, fair and honest in all our dealings with our people, supporters, developers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities we work with
  • We aim to fully utilise the talents of all yes2wind people and supporters in a safe, healthy, challenging, rewarding, participative and fair working way
  • We work to minimise the impact of our own actions on the environment
  • Engaging with communities and stakeholders affected by renewable energy developments is a key feature of the work we do.  Our aim is to help the planning process by communicating openly and honestly so that the informed views and sentiments of all stakeholders can be understood by decision makers
  • We believe we serve the public interest in aiding informed debate on renewable energy by adhering to the highest standards of accuracy and truth
  • We respect privacy rights by safeguarding privileged or confidential information
  • We obey the rule of all applicable laws

We believe our shareholder’s best interests are served by adhering to our code of ethics.