Introduction and History of yes2wind

A Wind Farm

The Yes2Wind project was originally established by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth (FOE), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

In May 2009, the original NGOs willingly approved the free-of-charge acquisition of the Yes2Wind domain by yes2wind ltd. - a registered company with directors who have had extensive professional involvement in the development of wind energy and acknowledge their inspirational debt to the original creators. The aim of yes2wind ltd has always been to finance and resource the project in order to enable it to achieve its original objectives. Active co-operation with various NGOs and support of local groups is an integral part of our objective.

The totally redeveloped website and project was launched at the BWEA31 conference in October 2009 and immediately drew a great deal of interest and plaudits. The following two months were spent implementing essential improvements and add-ons to the website. The project is now fully functional, although there are still additional features that are in the process of development.

Every wind farm proposal should be judged on its own merits. We encourage users to consult the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the plan they wish to support before giving it their approval. The best way of doing this is obtain a copy of the Non Technical Summary (NTS) which summarises the key points of the EIA

Central to the website is our Wind Farm Locator, which aims to plot the progress through the planning system of every wind project in excess of approximately 1MW installed capacity, plus certain ‘iconic’ projects The appearance of a wind farm proposal on this locator should not, in itself,  indicate that yes2wind have analysed and approved of the project.

Wind power has already begun to supply the UK with the electricity it needs, and wind developers are ready to increase its capacity. But sadly many wind farms are failing to get built because of small but vocal local opposition groups. So it's vital that people who support clean energy also speak out in favour of wind power locally.

Yes2wind has already provided supporters with advice, resources and the factual information they need to translate their support into positive action. Further developments to this end are also in the pipeline.

Showing your opposition to something is often easier than voicing your support. But in this case it’s really important that people speak out in favour of wind to rebalance the debate. Whether you want to write one letter to your local council or set up a pro-wind group in your area, this site will give you what you need to make wind power happen.